Welcome To Life Documented Week 10 With Geraldine

Hi everyone! It's finally the weekend! Actually it's come round very fast for me. I'm away this weekend so will be posting this nice and early before I leave! 

This month it's all about the floral! Immediately secret garden sprang to my mind for my prompt. A secret garden, for me, evokes abundance...abundance of colours, smells, textures, shapes, and even sounds. So I decided, for the technique, to gather everything and anything floral related, and collage onto the page. Use different mediums and layer. Experiment, go with intuition, play and have fun with it. You can start, although this is optional, to draft out some flowers to give you an idea of where you want to layer things.

I then started to layer all my pieces, including magazine cut outs and even vintage wallpaper!!! At first you will wonder where it's all going. But with each piece you will see your page come to life!

Finally, I covered every bit of white. Areas I struggled to cover I just ripped up small pieces of washi tape. Et voila!!! 


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