Welcome to Life Documented 2018 (15th December) Week 50 with Chantal Esteban

Theme: Reflections and Journal for the new year Prompt: Prepare your next journal Technique:Make a first page with the word you have chosen for 2019 and note your goals for the new year in a pocket. Quote: A quote related to your word, here is my quote beow:
La sérénité n’est pas cesser de penser mais être en paix avec ce qui est. Serenity is not to stop thinking but to be at peace with what is.
Hi there it is Chantal Esteban from France.  I am so honoured to have been asked to host a prompt this week.  I love to make photo art journals to keep memories altogether in one place.  I love to use rings to bind my journals and hope you enjoy making one too!
Photo Art Journals with rings
I really like to work on folded pages in half that I put in a binder. During the year, I can add and insert pages or pockets in previous months.I connected the pages with rings, twice a year.  I add two plastic as “ Priplack “ sheets Priplack sheets, front and back to protect my pages.
Here is an example below:

I have…

Welcome to Life Documented 2018 (8th December) Week 49 with Linda Lee Wares

Theme:  Reflections and Journal for the New Year. Prompt:To make a flow style journal using leftover or unused papers and embellishments from this year. Quote:  All that we are is the result of what we have thought.  Buddha.
Materials needed:

Some cardboard or thick cardstock StringScraps of paper ,cardstock and or art worksTissue paperNapkinsProject life page protectors or paper bagsPaperclips and ephemeraModpogWashi tape

Cut your cardboard whatever size you want to make .Mine is 15x9 ,which is then scored at 6 ½ for the front cover then 2” for the spine which leaves 6 ½ for the back coverNext I used washi tape to cover the whole of the cover then I covered it with modpog or whichever glue you like to useWhen it was dried I turned  it over and covered the inside with tissue paper.

Welcome to Life Documented 2018 (1 December) Week 48 with Suz Og

Theme: Reflections and Journal for the New Year.
Prompt: Decide what kind of journal you will be using and prep it for the new year.
Technique: Make a first page or pages reflecting on how you have changed in the last few years or reflections of last year and the year to come.
Quote: Find a quote that reflects who you are.

I'm really excited for the New Year!  I am going to use a magazine as my journal.
I started with a really old magazine I had, An Architectural Digest.  The magazine is a heavy one and each page is really thicker than the average magazine.  I am going to try and use each page.  I am not going to glue them together unless the book just gets so fat it keeps the spine from breaking.  I started by sanding the cover front and back with a heavy nail file.  I get these at the beauty supply and they are great for keeping close by for roughing up pages or edges.  All my pages are glossy but I will only do this to the front and back.  Then I swiped gesso over the front an…

Welcome to Life Documented 2018 (24 November) Week 47 with Suz Og

Theme: Using up scraps, paint and fibers
Prompt: Make a landscape with your scraps
Technique: Build up layers, adding scraps, gesso, and paint, and fiber with a credit card.
Quote: Do what you can, with what you have, where  you are.  Theodore Roosevelt

Another year rolling by quickly.  I like to get more organized at the end of the year.  So constantly using up scraps is something I always do but I usually reorganize and look through everything.  I always find something I have forgotten but this year I have used up and only bought a few things so I seem to be making headway on the piles.  You can only save so much junk mail.  I made myself stop when I reach my quota of space and shred it for a fire starter.

I started with a piece of white construction paper.  You can use any base that you like but since I used thicker scrap pieces. I wanted to start with something that was not really thick.  A light weight card stock or flyer from junk mail would work too. I will cut it down to fit …