Welcome to Life Documented 2018 (14th July) Week 28 with Shelley Rydellie

Theme: Travel Prompt: Create a whimsical scene for your journaling Technique: Mixed Media Collage Quote: Follow Your Soul. It knows the way.
Hi everyone! Shelley Rydellie here; and I’m super excited to be bringing today’s challenge to you!
When I heard that “travel” was the theme for this month, it made me think of the kind of traveling we are all doing all the time: Traveling thru Life!
One of my favorite things to do in my journal is to create whimsical scenes, by combining paint and patterned papers with magazine (or other found) images. I will walk you thru the process I followed to create my page; but please know that you can follow this process to create any scene you want.  It doesn’t have to look like mine.
Look for an image that represents the idea you want to get across.  Magazines are a great resource for this.  There are also websites where you can get copyright-free images.  I like to use one called Unsplash. Here’s a link, in case you would like to try it too.  htt…

Welcome to Life Documented 2018 (7th July) Week 27 with Hilda Scheenstra JULY Divider

Theme: Travel Prompt: Make a (watercolor) sketch of one or more buildings you like Technique: Urban sketching Quote: I want to make memories all over the world
Hi all, Nice to be back again! Hope to give you some inspiration to document your life or for your planner this week. In an another course (JOT from Marieke Blokland, BloknoteAcadamy) I was introduced to Urban sketching which I really liked. As this months theme is Travel I thought it would be nice to introduce you too. As I am not a teacher it will be nothing more as an short introduction. I think it is perfect: just simple so you can enjoy your summer, sitting outdoors, having drinks with friends, travel and really documenting your life!

I choose a photo of my holidays last year, a photo of the city Jesi, Italy. Maybe you are traveling right now and make a live sketch of a building you like. And if you are not traveling at all you could maybe draw your own house or a nice building in your own city.

As you might know I love to work …

Welcome to Life Documented 2018 (30th June) Week 26 with Anna Friesen

Theme: Zentangles Prompt: Create a week-at-a-glance page with markers, paint markers and acrylic paint. Techniques: Create a background of a simple zentangle pattern, add seven circles for each day of the week, then paint swirls around each circle. Quote: I believe the target of anything in life should be to do it so well that it becomes an art. - Arsene Wenger. 
Note: My thought about the quote: Just focus on a few things. To try to do everything well is not achievable and will only bring chaos. My perfectionist tendencies want to kick in often, and so I have to have a little talk with myself. ha ha! )
5 parts to my project: 
1. background 2. journaling circles 3. fingerpainting 4. days of the week 5. spine
Start with background paper that will be home to your week-at-a-glance pages. I am using two 7x8.25" sheets of mixed media paper. This is the size of the pages in my unPlanner, which is home to my Life Documented project. You don't need very heavy paper for t…